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The Best AirBnB Management Company in Manchester

You’ve got a property primmed and ready to go, but you don’t want the hassle of meeting people for key hand over, cleaning up after them, repairing a toilet door that’s been kicked in or having to turn up in the middle of the night because a water main burst and flooded your property ruining that carpet you like. You want to ship that responsibility off to someone else. The question is then, who is the best AirBnB management in Manchester?

That’s the kicker, it depends on what you want from a management company:

If you want the cheapest AirBnB management company in Manchester we recommend:


  • AirB4Me

If you want the best full-service AirBnB management company in Manchester we recommend:

  • AirB4Me

If you want the best AirBnB management company for platforms in Manchester we recommend:

  • Host So Simple

If you want the company with the most experience in Manchester we recommend:

  • Host So Simple

The table gives an overview of five short term letting management companies in Manchester. Let’s go deeper and find the right company that meets your needs whether you are focused on:

  1. Price

  2. Service level

  3. Platforms


We all want the best price for the best service. Thankfully, makes it simple for you to find the best service provider.


Management Fee

This will be your biggest cost, but before you let go of your readies let’s take a look at what the management companies offer.


Guest Ready is the most expensive for management fees 20% regardless of how many bedrooms your property has. Pass the Keys charges 16% for a one-bedroom property but charges 15% for any additional bedrooms.

The rest, Host So Simple. Rental Hosted and AirB4Me, all charge the same 15% fee regardless of how many bedrooms your property has.

Cleaning Cost: An important cost to consider

You have to keep your rooms clean, some people will leave it how they found it (angels!) others will leave it like a post-apocalyptic world in which only fungi thrives. Cleaning is an essential service and will be the second-biggest expense after your management fee. The prices for cleaning a one-bedroom rental property can vary from £30 (Rental Hosted) to £70 (Guest Ready) that is twice the price for the same service!

If you were to have 15 check-ins in a month that would be £450 (15 x £30) compared to £1,050 (15 x £70).

A high cleaning fee doesn’t mean the AirBnB management company is trying to rip you off. You should try and understand why they are charging so much and try getting some quotes from cleaning companies that specialize in AirBnB’s in the local area to help you understand better.

Call Out Fees

It’s 1:02 a.m. and a guest has contacted you to tell you that your apartment is sliding down a cliff. You live 750 miles away. It’s ok though, the apartment is floating down the Atlantic Ocean and will be near you by noon tomorrow. I’m kidding of course, but if you don’t live near your rental properties you will need to rely on someone else to return any queries or visit the property in an emergency. Usually, AirBnB management companies try to resolve problems using a text or phone message and only visit the property if they have to.

If they have to visit the property, most management companies would charge you a fee in addition to their management fee.

It is impossible to say how many times a management company could be called to a property. It may be as something as trivial as someone being unable to open a washing machine door to a water leak. It is wise to take into consideration the age of the property and how old the appliances are in the building. If it’s financially viable, you may wish to renovate the property and modernise it as this appeal to more potential guests, higher reviews, fewer call-outs, and more income.

As we can see from the summary table, call-out fees range from £10 - £25 per hour (Rented Hosted and AirB4Me didn’t specify, but we will assume they do). Only Guest Ready does not have a call-out fee. That is a huge advantage over the other AirBnB management companies.

One-Off Fees

A one-off fee is a term that strikes fear into most people, it’s similar to happily walking around the house then stubbing your toe.

Photography is an important factor for your rental property. The photos for your listing will be the first thing a potential guest checks and a poor set of photos will make your rental property look like a halfway house.

From the table, we can see that only Host so Simple charges for photography whereas the rest charge no fee at all. The quality of the photography will affect your revenue so it is best to ask for some samples of photos that the management company has taken.


You have to consider value-added tax (VAT) when choosing management companies. Because the short term rental market is relatively new, many small management companies are growing fast. Some are not charging VAT, but as they grow, they will probably add VAT (20%) to their management fees.


If you don’t live in the same city as your rental properties, you will find it difficult to renovate and decorate your properties unless you have a trusting friend, relative, or have some kind of A.I. based worker robot.

Interior design and renovation of your rental property can have a huge impact on the revenue your property brings in. If you are unable to do this yourself, one of the rental management companies in Manchester offer this service: Host So Simple, Rental Hosted and AirB4Me.

Before you pay for any interior or renovation services, get a quote from a management company or even an external contractor. Ask for photos of previous renovations or interior design work and it’s best to be at the property when getting quotes. Keep in mind the timescales quoted for work, the sooner you can renovate the property, the sooner a guest can start renting.


Not a raised level surface on which people or things can stand, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, but rental market platforms.

AirBnB is the market leader and a majority of your bookings will come from them. To maximise your property’s bookings, it would be wise to have it listed on other platforms. Let’s take a look at the table of the five management companies and what they offer. If you wish to maximise your property’s visibility across multiple platforms, then HostSoSimple would be your preferred choice as it lists on four major booking sites:


  • AirBnB


  • HomeAway

  • TripAdvisor

History, Properties Under Management and Reviews

With the explosion of the short term rental market, many management companies are popping up to meet demand.

Always be cautious of inexperienced companies or ones with little commitment to managing properties. They shouldn’t be dismissed purely on the fact they have no reviews or are just a new business, it would be ideal to ask them for sample listings just to see how well they sell the property.

If you have multiple properties to rent, it may be worth trying to negotiate a discount on the management fee offered. It is worth noting that even if they offer you a discount, you should always try and pick a company that will maximise your rental income as you’ll probably gain more in the long term.


Well, here we are. Remember what we summarised:

Don’t just take the cheapest option.

Ask for a discount on multiple properties.

Ask for a sample of photography, renovations and interior design choices.

Multiple platforms mean more potential bookings.