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The Best AirBnB Management Company in Lisbon

You are fortunate to have a property (or properties) in one of the oldest cities in the world. You want your guests to be able to explore this fine city like many of the explorers that were born here. In truth, you don’t want the hassle of handling keys, cleaning, fixing things and having to go to your property at 4:00 a.m. to show a drunk guest how to put a key in a lock. So what is the solution? An AirBnB management company. The question is then, who is the best AirBnB management in Lisbon?


It depends on what you want from a management company, such as:


If you want the cheapest AirBnB management company in Lisbon we recommend:


  • Guest2Easy


If you want the best full-service AirBnB management company in Lisbon we recommend:

  • Guest2Easy


If you want the best AirBnB management company for platforms in Lisbon we recommend:


  • Hostmaker


If you want the company with the most experience in Lisbon we recommend:


  • Hostmaker


The table above shows an overview of six short term letting management companies operating in Lisbon. We will now give an in-depth analysis to help you find the right company for you focusing on the following:


  1. Price

  2. Service level

  3. Platforms




Before you part with your hard-earned cash, will find you the best service provider amongst the six companies listed in the table.


Management Fee


The management fee will be the biggest cost you incur so we need to make sure you get the best value for your money. Let’s take a look at what each of the management companies offers.


BnBird is the most expensive for management fees at 28% regardless of how many bedrooms your property has. 


Whome and Lisbon Hosts both charge a 25% fee with no additional charge for more bedrooms. 


Guest2Easy, BnB Lord and Hostmaker are the cheapest and charge the same 20% fee despite how many bedrooms your property has. 


Cleaning Cost: An important cost to consider


A clean room, a clean mind. A filthy room, a filthy… nevermind. Some guests will stay and leave without you knowing whether they were there or not. Others, unfortunately, will leave it as if they were engaging in the sack of Rome within the walls of your property. Cleaning will be the second-biggest expense after your management fee, but it is a vital service and will be one of the first things guests comment on. The prices for cleaning a one-bedroom rental property can vary from €30 (Guest2Easy) to €50 (BnB Lord) that is a significant increase in price for the same service!


If you were to have 15 check-ins in a month that would be €450 (15 x €30) compared to €750 (15 x €50).


Just because the cleaning fee is high, it doesn’t necessarily that the management company is trying to pull a fast one and rip you off. It might be the level of detail and approach to cleaning that they provide for that fee. It would be best to gather quotes from cleaning companies in the area that also provide similar services for short term rental properties. Also, ask the potential management company for a breakdown on what cleaning they do, for example, do they clean door handles etc.?


Call Out Fees


It’s 2:28 a.m. and a guest has contacted you. You answer the phone, they sound confused, they can’t access the property. Oh, dear. You get up and go to the property. You arrive and no-one is there. The property is secure, no damage, no sign of life inside. You contact the guest. They tell you that they are outside the front door. They aren’t, so you phone them. It turns out that they are an hour away trying to get into someone else’s house. You start to question why you got into the short term rental market. I joke, but if you are not able to visit the property yourself because you live in a different part of the world, you will need someone you can rely on in an emergency. An AirBnB management company will try to resolve problems using a text or phone message and only visit the property if it’s essential. 


 If a visit is required to the property, the management company will charge you a call-out fee in addition to their management fee.


You can’t be certain how many call-outs your management company will make to your property (or properties). Some problems will be minor like a guest unable to turn the shower on or something major like a broken front door. To assuage any potential call out problems, it may be worth taking into consideration the age of the property and the appliances. If it is feasible to do so, you may wish to update and renovate the property which will result in fewer call-outs, higher review ratings, more guests. and importantly, more income. 


From the table, only Guest2Easy charges for a call out which is priced at €35. BnB Lord, Hostmaker, Whome, BnBird and Lisbon Hosts do not charge for a call out. This is a big advantage over Guest2Easy. 


 One-Off Fees


The one-off fee is like a crick in the neck. You turn your head slightly and ouch! Why would some do this to me? 


Out of the six management companies listed in the table, only BnB Lord has a sign-up fee which is €200. This is a huge upfront cost considering the other five companies do not charge. 


When a potential guest browses your listings, they will be paying close attention to the photos. Poor photos will make the potential guest skip your listing and go on the next. Photography is essential in setting up potential bookings. Good photos set the emotion going for a potential booking and bad ones will make them feel they are looking at a prison cell. 


Only one management company charges for photography, Whome. The other five companies do not charge. As said earlier, the quality of the photos can make or break the potential booking, so ask for some samples of photos that the company have taken for other properties.




It can be hard to renovate your rental properties if you don’t live in the same city as them and even if you do, you may wish to get someone else to do the work for you. This is where the management company can help.


 A property with great interior design will always be highly desirable. Get the interior design right, and you may see greater revenues for a property. If you cannot do this yourself, then one of the management companies can do it for you. Renovations and interior design are offered by Hostmaker, Whome, BnBird, Lisbon Hosts and Guest2Easy. Please note, Hostmaker only offers interior design and not renovations. 


It would be wise to ask for photos of previous work undertaken by the management company before you let them run riot over it. It also gives you an indication of their style. It is worth considering getting quotes from other contractors, who are not part of the management company, just so you can get a better idea of cost. If you can, be present at the property when getting quotes so you can be sure you are getting all the information about potential work. 




I'm not a platform person myself, more of a stiletto fan. Sorry, I mean rental market platforms.


The market leader is AirBnB and this is the biggest platform so most of your bookings will come from there. However, the management companies will look to diversify the platforms they use to maximise potential bookings. 


By looking at the table, we can see that Hostmaker posts your property on most sites to increase its visibility. It lists your property on the following major platforms: 


  • AirBnB


  • HomeAway

  • TripAdvisor

  • Uniplaces


 History, Properties Under Management and Reviews


The growth of the short term rental market has meant a boom for short term management companies competing to match demand.

Be aware of inexperienced companies or ones that focus purely on listing your property and taking a commission (rather than offering other services). Although they shouldn't be dismissed outright, you can at least enquire for some sample listings just see how well they market a property. 


If you are looking for a management company to manage a portfolio of properties, it would be to your advantage to try and negotiate a discount on the management fee. Any decrease in the fee would be beneficial to you, be aware, it should be noted that the best company will be the one looking to maximise your rental income which is beneficial in the long term. 




In summary:


The cheapest option is not necessarily the best option.


Always try and negotiate the management fee for multiple properties.


The interior of your property will be the first thing a potential guest sees. Request a sample of photography, renovations and interior design choices from your potential management company.


The more visibility your property has on multiple platforms, the more bookings you will get.